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Celebrations in Singapore
Every year on mid autumn festival in Singapore, Singaporeans will have some of the following ways of celebration.

Normally, one month before the Moon Cake Festival, moon cakes and other special cakes and sweets will start to be sold in Chinese shops. Years before, moon cakes were only sold to Chinese because it is not 'halal'. I think that it does not cultivate the sense of sharing with other races, and thus does not contribute to the unity of Singaporeans. So in order to do that, moon cakes now are made from vegetable oil rather than 'Lak', so that other races can share this special delicacies with the Chinese, creating a more loving society, more than that, contributing to the economy flow in the country.

In some areas of Singapore, they have stage shows like opera, classical and fold dance, craft making, calligraphy, and story telling and essay competition. Exhibitions of lanterns are a colorful sight. This contributes to the beauty of Singapore too. Malays, Indians and of course Chinese and other denominations are welcomed and have always enjoy the colorful mystical night.


Moon Cake Festival is one of the most celebrated traditions in Singapore every year. On that special day, joyous family reunion and gathering with loved ones is one of the events that will be held. It's a celebration once a year that most people especially Chinese will not miss. For some people who prefer to be with their loved ones and family, they will spent a romantic night together in their house garden or beaches or parks to enjoy looking at the sky with the brightest moon of the year. Lantern with different shapes and sizes will be lit and the kids will love to take the lantern and walk around the neighborhood accompanied by their parents. There are also party called Moonlight Party held by some people where relatives and friends from different races will be invited to celebrate this day together. Many main delicacies will be served like moon cakes, chinese tea, pamelos and some other snacks. The main aim of this party held is to get together with friends and relatives and enjoy on this annual special occasion.


Every year, it's a tradition that lantern making competition will be held in most of the states in Malaysia to mark this special day. This is because besides buying the lanterns in the market, the children can learn to make their own lanterns and then be taken to compete and to be parade. Besides. the purpose of this event being held is to make this festival even more merrier with more creative lanterns created. Lanterns are main traditional children toys for Moon Cake Festival. Therefore, the response to the competition will be very good for each year.

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