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Lantern Related Activities

Lantern Festival 2001 Date(s): 20 Sep 2001 to 2 Oct 2001
Venue: Chinese Garden , Singapore

Raise the lanterns at the scenic grounds of the Chinese Garden in this annual traditional festival. The programme includes traditional cultural performances and mesmerising displays of bright and colourful lanterns.

Make your own chinese lantern
colored paper
markers, crayons, or paints
decorating things, like stickers or glitter
a hole punch or a sharp pencil


1. Take a sheet of colored paper. Draw small shapes, like stars, moons or circles on it. Make any shapes you like. Remember, the big piece of paper is the important one, not the shapes. Push the scissors through the middle of a shape and then cut it out.
Remember, just cut out the shapes. Don't cut anyplace else on the big paper.

2. Decorate the piece of paper with pictures or writing. Draw or write on the paper to decorate it. You can also glue things to the paper to make it pretty.

3. Get the tape. Roll the piece of paper to make a tube. Don't make it too tight.
Make sure that your decorations are on the outside to that everyone can see them.
Tape the ends of the paper to each other to make the tube.

4. Get the hole-punch and the string. Punch four holes at the top of the tube. Cut four pieces of string as long as the tube. Tie one piece of string to each hole. Tie the four strings together. Cut another piece of string and tie it to the other strings so you can hang up the lantern.

5. If you know any riddles, write one on a piece of paper. Tape it to your lantern.
Let your friends try to guess the answer. If you have some candy, you can give a piece to the friend who solves your riddle!


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