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Succoth is the Jewish Harvest Festival. It begins on the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Tishri. It is usually held in September and October. This year's Succoth begins on the eve of October 13. The celebration lasts for 7 days.

Succoth traditions and customs have both historical and religious significance. This festival dates back to the period during which Hebrews wandered in the wilderness on route to Canaan (now Israel). During their pilgrimage, they lived in temporary booths. This open living space is called a succah. People also gathered in sukkot (pleural for succah) to worship and share meals. Thus, Succoth is also called the Feast of Tabernacle. During harvest time, farmers also lived in sukkot in open fields. During Succoth, farmers take this time to thank God for the crops.

Today, modern Jewish communities continue the traditions of building sukkot and holding festivities inside them. For kids who love camping in the outdoor, this is a lot of fun. The roof of a succah is built with olive and other tree branches. The branches are decorated with fruits and flowers. Three sides of the succah are covered with blue and gold fabric. For those who need some help, you can also buy a complete succah kit . During Succoth, a special ceremony is held each day to remember Hebrew ancestors and to thank God for the harvest. Families gather for meals and sleep inside them as well.

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